His Facebook post over being served a dirty burger because he’s a cop went viral.  And what came out of it?  An accusation that the police officer had basically imagined everything.

Last week, I shared a post by a cop in Florida who was upset after he found what seemed to be dirt on the burger he ordered from a fast food drive-thru.  What bothered him just as much was what he says was a response by the staff and management that was essentially mocking him.

Here was his post:

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Ladies and Gentleman of the Line!!

I was the Officer who was served a burger at Burger King at 4004 Cleveland Avenue in Ft Myers with dirt in it. At first I thought it was just burned old bacon, I was hungry and ate the burger, at the last bite I saw dirt and grit on the burger. In disgust, I threw it out of the window.

I quickly noticed that my receipt had big block letters with the word POLICE on it. This has never been the case previously. I went inside and made contact with the manager who said, “Sorry, what do you want me to do?”.

Just before speaking to the manager the staff member from the drive thru asked, “what’s the matter officer something wrong with your order?” Then she and the other staff had a good laugh.

Some day we first responders just want to grab a quick bite because we are overwhelmed with calls, and this is how we are treated. I contacted cooperate offices and they said, “not our problem we’ll have the franchise owner contact you”.

When contacted by the franchise owner he said, “It is impossible for dirt to get into food, you’re crazy!”

So to my brothers and sisters I say this. only eat at safe places and check your food beforehand. EXCELSIOR!!!!!!

Only after the post went viral and received tens of thousands of shares did the media pick up on it and he finally receive a response from management.

It essentially went like this:

Here – take a look at this video of us making a burger.  You’re confused.  It must have been seasoning.

The media, doing what they seem to do best these days, did some digging (sarcasm).  They published a story with the perspective of the restaurant, who said the officer was wrong and suggested he should retract his concerns:

“We hope the officer will post something, in whatever manner he chooses,” the CEO said.

Well here’s the thing. The officer is nothappy, and neither are those of us who stand behind the men and women in blue.  And so I reached out to him to share HIS side of the story… which was ignored in the media.

Here it is.  I hope you’ll share it at the very least to raise awareness about what to look out for when you’re ordering at any restaurant while wearing a uniform:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Line, this is in response to the one-sided news stories that printed only the response from the Franchise Owner’s corporation.

After my post going viral, I finally got a response from the company that owned the franchise where I had my experience.

I was invited to the location to talk with the regional manager on behalf of the owner who lives in a far away location.  I was told that foreign matter gets into product all the time along the supply chain. I was also told that debris from cooking an “spices” could be misunderstood as dirt.   I was also shown a video which I was told did not sync up with the point of sale system by which they tracked my order.  I was shown a video of a sourdough king being made.  Only one problem, the video showed them making one with the wrong ingredients than my order.  I did agree that the video they showed me had no malicious activity, but it wasn’t my sandwich.

The CEO of the franchise company took this to mean I was saying I was wrong and they were in no way at fault there for He said I was absolving them of fault in the matter. FALSE again.

I stick to my claim that there were foreign objects in my food, and I was treated the way I was do to the uniform I was wearing.

Now here is the main reason I made such a big deal about the situation.

We as Law Enforcement Officers are constantly running from call to call. We are over worked and understaffed across the country.  It is a sad state of our society when every officer that pulls into a drive through has the thought go through his or her mind “should I roll the dice and hope they don’t mess with my food?”. We often do this only because we don’t have the time for a sit-down meal, or it gets to hot in our car to bring food from home. We often work 12 hours without a meal break and struggle to stay hydrated.

We are constantly judged by the actions of a few bad apples, and this affects the way we are treated by those who have distain for our profession.

The response everyone read was one from a franchise owner trying to protect his brand.  When I gave an interview to the local news the only showed a snippet of the entire interview in which I spoke of the above topics.

98% of us who walk the line, walk it with integrity and honor.  We come to work everyday to serve and protect and to make a difference.  We always strive to change the mindset which is influenced by social media and broadcast media.  But some of the replies to my post prove the we must always be hypervigilant about who we trust with preparing our food.

In closing, be careful Brothers and Sisters.  Watch each other’s 6 and always remember it is we Sheepdogs that protect the flock from the wolves they pretend do not exist.  EXCELSIOR, and St Michael intercede on our behalf.

Respectfully, MAC

Kyle S. Reyes is the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, creator of The Whiskey Patriots and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.