Sick days.  The whole idea is to keep your body – and mind – healthy and safe.  And to protect your family.  And your coworkers.

But the idea that “healthy” and “safe” is limited to avoiding the common cold and the flu is ludicrous.

So while America is having conversations about “gun free” zones, we’re taking a different approach at my company.  Not only are we encouraging employees to carry, but we’re allowing them to trade sick days for range time.

We’ve partnered with King 33, a massive indoor tactical training facility located in Southington, Connecticut to provide advanced training for our staff.

Employees can trade a sick day for a four-hour, personalized training session with Chris Field, founder of King 33, who is a Special Forces veteran.  Employees can also trade a sick day for their significant other to join them.

They’re welcome to bring their children (ages 12 and older) for training at no additional “sick time” cost.  Through our partnership with King 33, we cover all expenses and provide guns, ammo, ears and eyes.  Staff can go through Simunition training, self-defense courses, live fire courses, and much more.

I should mention that time on the range is also damn good stress relief.  We’re sort of redefining the term “mental health day.”

Ladies and gentlemen, limits on the size of your magazines do NOTHING to protect people.  “Gun free zones” do NOTHING to protect people.  The only thing that DOES protect people is proper training.

Sick time for shooting time.  I’d encourage EVERY employer to offer the same.  SHARE this article if you agree!