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Carla: Inside Marjorie Stoneman Douglas

She witnessed the tragedy of the Parkland shooting firsthand. Now her mission is helping to equip civillians in emergency situations. Help us spread the word!

Phil: An Accidental Shooting

Every officer knows the potential of being injured while on duty. But this cop never thought he would take a bullet from a commanding officer. Check out this latest episode of Behind the Uniforms and pass it along.

The Parkland School Shooting

He was working on the baseball fields when he heard gun shots coming from inside the school. Meet the officer who ran right toward the danger during the Parkland shooting. Let’s get this hero’s story told.

From Navy SEAL to Counter-Human Trafficking

After 20 years in the military, this former Navy SEAL found a way to continue his mission at home. Mike Fullilove is a patriot dedicating his life to fighting sex traffickers with DeliverFund.

Hector: ASR Alerts Saving Lives

A father. A Navy SEAL. A Law Enforcement Officer. Hector Delgado has spent his life keeping others alive, and his mission continues with his company, ASR Alert Systems. If you want to help protect schools, airports, hospitals, and workplaces, you know what to do with this video.

Houston: Special Operations Fire and EMS

Learning how to keep emotions in check while on duty is key for emergency responders. But how much of a toll does it take? Behind the Uniforms gets an inside look at the Special Operations world of Fire and EMS.

The Battle of Baton Rouge

He was serving as Chief of Police in Baton Rouge on the day that 3 officers were killed in a single incident.

Hardcore Americans in the Heart of Texas

We’ve got heavy firepower. We’ve got hog hunting in off-road vehicles. We’ve got high speed pursuits and room clearing drills. Welcome to the Real Man Show.


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