If you’re like many others, you’re sick and tired of seeing the wars on social media.  It’s flat out sickening.  But with all of the buzz surrounding President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, you may be wondering just what the deal is.

Let me break it down for you.  Here’s everything Democrats don’t want you to know about the Kavanaugh debacle.

The List and the Resistance

When Trump made his list of potential picks for the Supreme Court, Chuck Schumer announced he would not approve any of them. Schumer is, of course, the ringleader in the circus of Democrats – tied at the hip with Nancy Pelosi. If Democrats don’t tow the party line and do what Schumer and Pelosi tell them… they are shunned by the party.

Knowing this, President Trump picked a man with an impeccable background – Brett Kavanaugh – who passed SIX FBI background checks during his career.

Within minutes of Trump’s announcement of Kavanaugh being picked, there were signs up with Kavanaugh’s name on them protesting him.  Think about the amount of money that must have been spent in advance…making signs to protest each potential pick by name. Where do you think all of that funding comes from?

The Hearings and The Surprise

The hearings were a circus.  Paid agitators were brought in to attack the process.  Every ten minutes, there were more disruptions.

The hearings finally concluded, along with private interviews and some 1,300 additional questions.  The left had nothing on this man with an impeccable record.

Enter: Christine “Chrissy” Blasey Ford, a registered Democrat and donor from San Francisco. Ford is a liberal college professor whose parents foreclosure was in front of Judge Kavanaugh’s mother years ago.  Now, nearly four decades later, she enters in the 11thhour, claiming Kavanaugh attacked her when she was a teen.

Interesting how it all happened.  Diane Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate committee vetting Kavanaugh, held onto a letter with the claim for two months.  It wasn’t until the day the panel was getting ready to take a vote to confirm him that she dropped the letter.  TWO MONTHS she held onto it.. through the entire vetting and hearing process.

Some might call this an insurance policy in case Kavanaugh made it through.  Some are arguing that the last-minute, completely unsubstantiated allegations are simply to delay the hearing until the Nov. 6 congressional elections, when they hope to win back enough seats in the Senate to defeat Kavanaugh.

To boot… Feinstein DID go on the record saying “We should delay this hearing.”

Now onto Ford.  She doesn’t remember the year, the date, the time or even the place where the supposed sexual assault took place. The four witnesses she named have already stated that didn’t happen.

The Dark Backstory Nobody Is Telling You

Earlier this year, the former campaign press secretary for Hillary Clinton – Brian Fallon – tapped one of Diane Feinstein’s top aides on the Judiciary Committee for an important job.  That job was to destroy Trump’s Supreme Court picks from the outside.  Together, they launched a far-left non-profit group to head up the attack on the nominees.  That group was called Demand Justice.  Fallon flat out stated that their main goal was to delay the confirmation hearings.

During the hearings, Demand Justice put out paid protestors with the message that Kavanaguh wanted to destroy women’s rights, overturn Roe vs. Wade and make abortion a criminal activity.  They ran ads in Maine and Alaska with the goal of turning the states’ pro-choice Republicans senators against Kavanaugh.

It failed. Both of those senators indicated they were backing Kavanaugh.

Flash forward. All stall tactics failed.  The vote looked like it was going to Kavanaugh. So that insurance policy – the letter – dropped.  It was leaked to the media and the accuser was magically identified.

Kavanaugh of course has completely denied the allegation publicly and on the record “under penalty of felony”.  His family, in the meantime, has been dealing with death threats from the “loving and tolerant left”.

Ford allegedly took and passed a polygraph test run by a former FBI agent.  We don’t know who that agent is or whether they are “former” because they left or were fired for not knowing how to run polygraphs. She then hired a law firm.

The Law Firm’s Hidden Ties

Ready for this?  That law firm is jam packed with major Democratic donors and activists who are working hand in hand with Demand Justice.  They’ve launched a website – IBelieveChristineBlasey.com– encouraging voters to call senators and demand a vote against Kavanaugh.

Who is Ford’s lead attorney?  That’s Debra Katz, who runs a far-left advocacy group funded by liberal megadonor George Soros.

Guess what else he is funding?  You guessed it!  Demand Justice… which has $5 million in the coffers… and is now running ads comparing Kavanaugh to a child predator.

The Obvious Questions

Why sit on the letter for that long?  Who is paying for Ford’s legal bills?  Who ran – and paid for – her polygraph?  Who leaked the letter?  Who is paying all of these protestors?  Why can’t Ford apparently remember ANYTHING about that night… except for several names including Kavanaugh, all of whom deny being there?  Why does the report she gave her shrink not match up even close with the stories she’s telling the media?

Don’t be surprised if, now that the story is publicly falling apart, you see more “surprise” accusations come out of the woodwork.

This is, after all, the playbook of the left.  #RESIST

Kyle S. Reyes is the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today, founder of The Whiskey Patriots and Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.