With no time to waste and amid screams and panic, law enforcement officers run toward danger and lay their lives on the line to protect and serve, every day not knowing if at the end of the day they will return home to their loved ones.

No matter the circumstances, a terrorist attack, a mass shooting, or a natural disaster, these over one million men and women in blue heed the call. They respond no matter what – and that response is not based on ethnicity, religion, gender or anything else.

With that on one’s resume, you might think law enforcement officers would be considered heroes. Perhaps in an earlier time, but not today… as a war on law enforcement rages across the country.

Insidious lies spread by Hollywood and the mainstream media have painted a bright red target on the backs of our brave men and women in blue. An already dangerous job is now exponentially more dangerous.

The film “Bleeding Blue”, which opens September 7, dispels the myth about policing. The filmmakers call Bleeding Blue, “the film Hollywood is unwilling to make”.  It investigates the ongoing narrative that America’s “police are blood-thirsty villains patrolling our communities with the purpose of exacting an almost vigilante justice against minorities.”



Featuring veteran police officers, their families, along with the families and victims of criminals, the compelling and emotional documentary takes a hard look at real stories of the ambushing of law enforcement officers all over America.

“I’ve always worked minority community areas and I wondered, ‘why is everybody angry with me? I am here to help’,” explains a police officer in the trailer.

“We know what we are up against,” former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke adds. “We know it could cost us our lives.”

Bleeding Blue is “the movie that will change the minds of millions,” the movie’s producer, syndicated radio show host Kevin Jackson suggests.

“What we show you will astound you as we dig deep into the police as well as the criminal element the police fight against,” Jackson explains on his website. “America ushered in a ‘thugocracy.’ Instead of pursuing law and order, the country now condones violence. It’s time we spread our message to the American people, unfiltered by the distortions.”

One of the most revealing parts of the film comes from former Police Chief Tom Jackson of Ferguson, Missouri. He discusses details of the situation in Ferguson that have been heard nowhere else. And the details are shocking.

Also featured is never-before-seen footage from the law enforcement point of view. In many instances, this footage will shed a lot of light on situations of law enforcement encounters with civilians. Expect to leave this film with a lot more insight into the minds of law enforcement officers.

On September 7, Bleeding Blue opens in limited theaters around the country.