Beer is seemingly the “hot” beverage that has come to mean different things to both parties.

In the case of politics, beer is so much more than alcohol. It has become the symbol of liberal coolness and conservative vice.

It all began with former President Obama, the trendy president who wanted to appeal to everyone. Let’s take a step back in time to Obama’s famous beer summit over the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

This established Obama as the Presidential hipster to some and questionable to others. According to the media, Obama was the epitome of pop culture and became an icon for his actions since he was the relatable president. No one made a big deal about him having a beer.

Fast forward to December 2018, where Indigenous crusader and clear fan favorite (please note the sarcasm here) Elizabeth Warren, attempted to use beer in her latest scramble for attention.

“Hold on a sec, I’m gonna get me a beer.”

Speaking in a strained manner is truly how you gain followers. Her weak attempt at trying to speak in relevant terms to try and attract a younger voter flopped. No alarms rang out when she attempted to drink a beer.

Brett Kavanaugh.

Remember him? The alleged excessive drinker, who was the soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice? Yes, that Brett Kavanaugh.

Justice Kavanaugh famously admitted to liking beer as if it were a crime.

Allow me to clarify.

If you are conservative, then drinking a beer makes you a criminal with undertones of deeply violent behaviors.  However, if you are a liberal, then you’re a relatable champ. Kavanaugh, according to the committee, is a closeted drinker with criminal tendencies. This is all hypocrisy in action.

Hypocrisy has become the political standard in America. Regardless of your beliefs or chosen political party, it is clear that hypocrisy is the life-blood of all political debates in our country.

For example, it has become socially acceptable to claim that all things labeled liberal are good, ethical and represent the correct standards of living.

However, to be conservative implies one is a racist bigot, hate-filled and lacking in doing good for other human beings. This is all according to major news outlets, parts of the population and politicians.

Here’s the point:

While we may be having a chuckle about beer and how lack-luster politicians are using it to look relatable and relevant, it’s much deeper than that. Beer is just one of many examples of how hypocrisy and inept politicians are running our country. Something as trivial as beer is being turned into a political weapon.

Bret Kavanaugh likes beer. And so does former President Obama and so does Senator Elizabeth Warren. What’s the point? It’s not about beer, it’s not even about politics anymore. It’s about hypocrisy, double-standards and personal vendettas. Regardless of your political affiliations or if you even like any of these figures, it really doesn’t matter. The deeper issue here is America is being forgotten.

When politicians on both sides think that it’s acceptable to forget the reason why they have a seat in government and to ignore Americans, then you know we have a problem much bigger than any political standard. It’s time for Americans to wake up and pay attention to the harsh realities of the games that are being played with national security, freedom, justice, and leadership.

The political environment has sunk so low that beer has become symbolic. Double standards have ruined politics, but we can’t allow for it to shatter our belief in the possibility of America and all that is good in our country.




Lauren E. Forcucci is an educator, writer, and proud American. She is the daughter of an immigrant, the granddaughter of a veteran, and a friend and supporter of active-duty military, veterans, and police.  She’s also a proud Whiskey Patriot.