For the intent and purpose of this article: The Rock is not Dwayne Johnson, it is the San Francisco Government, and any other liberal – socialist – communist in this country. The Hardcase – well, that is me.

Any time people venture into the unknown, there is a cost.

Patriots and pioneers ventured into the unknown to escape the tyrants of the mid 1700’s across the ocean blue – and America was born. But at great cost.

Now, 242 years later, we are putting people in jail for handing out / using STRAWS in San Francisco. This is a special kind of stupid that has metastasized within the bowels of the City Counsel chambers. These are people that need a tour of say, oh I don’t know, some Thailand beaches…

Never mind the heroin – cocaine – opioid – homeless – criminal – illegal issues San Francisco has; STRAWS, straws are the problem. NOOOOO, it’s actually just liberals and socialists; oh, and idiots.

The Prius. The Volt. Two cars made by two different companies – Chevrolet and Toyota. Both are electric based cars (and there are many more out there) that conserve energy by emitting less or no pollution whatsoever. Sounds great – on the surface. But what supplies the power for these cars? Coal.

Coal is mined. It is absolutely necessary for electric power. We all use it every single day – well, except for tent people in San Francisco hiding from the law and doing heroin, they use batteries to light their dwellings; which of course are made at a factory using coal – but I digress.

I have no issue with fuel efficient cars – I just prefer not to buy the ruse that it is emission free. Coal is dug, chunked, broken down, transported, refined, and turned into electricity. Coal is delivered by massive ships that burn diesel, trains that burn diesel, trucks that burn diesel – etc. Just so you can have that little car you plug into your garage wall – all so you can feel you are doing your part to save the world and the ozone and Hollywood.

I’d rather roast the tires on my Shelby while burning high octane. Why, not to be a prick, but because it’s fun. Oh, my car is 5 years old and has less than 9k miles on it. So, you do the math. How much ozone depletion am I doing by driving my 800hp car once a month, versus you driving and plugging in your battery powered wuss mobile daily? Hmmmmmm.

Free health care. I’ll sum this up in just one word – YouAreStupidToBelieveThatAnythingMedicallyRelatedOrProvidedIsFree. – that’s a word right?

Illegal Immigration. When I see every single liberal actor opening the doors of their own homes to hundreds (I mean hundreds at a time in each of their multi-million dollar homes) of people coming into the country illegally, only then will I step back and say; about damn time. Furthermore, the actors must take part in the naturalization of said people – they must walk with them on their journey to become an American citizen; then I’d actually sing their praises. My father-in-law went through Ellis Island – my wife is the daughter of an immigrant. Sooooo. Heck, as irony would have it – he has an 8thgrade education and worked the line at GM for 50 years; helping build America, one car at a time. Huh… crazy ironic.

Term Limits for Congress. Let’s keep this simple for a minute. Right wing – left wing, it’s all the same bird. So, I am talking to all of y’all in the beltway. Balance of power is an important term to be valued here…. balance of power. Stay focused with me. I am 6’1 and 220lbs and I am a fighter. Let’s just say hypothetically, if Chuck “two step” Schumer and I were to square off in the MMA cage; there would be an incredible offset of power – he’d kick my ass. Just kidding. There would be no contest, furthermore, I’d be the worst man in history picking a fight with a much weaker and less physically capable person; much less him being an elderly male.

However… I as a citizen against the Senior Senator of the United States, have little I can do against his authority; or anyone on the hill for that matter. Yes, we the people have the ability as a whole, but we do not have the balance of power due to non-existent term limits for them, and limited involvement from each man and woman abroad our country that can’t pull their heads out of their asses (or cell phones). So, while I could wrongfully pummel Mr. Two Step in the cage, he can wrongfully pummel us as citizens. I am willing to fight him / them – for term limits.

Abortion. This is a sad subject, not just due to the death of the unborn; but to the mindset and acceptance by liberals unilaterally across the board. This should never be a political talking point, yet it is. So, since this is a right versus left point, let me just say this. You can’t kill what wasn’t made. If there was no fetus – baby – living human – there’d be no talking points. Sex makes this happen, condoms help prevent it – or have you all on the left outlawed rubber baby prevention devices like you did with drinking straws?

Income Inequality. Whew, I never thought I’d get to the end of this article. I had like 37 differing talking points I could have ended with; but this one has a special place in my heart – fair pay and shares to all.

Let’s get busy here for a moment and debunk this pile of liberal pooh.

What is fair? Well, I’d like to make a million dollars to play in 16 NFL games and throw a football; and I can. I just have to out throw tens of thousands of other quarterback hopefuls. BUT THAT ISN’T FAIR! I want my million.

What is fair? Well, I’d like to make a million dollars a year under a contract to be world renowned blogger; and I can, I just have to out-write tens of thousands of other hopefuls. BUT THAT ISN’T FAIR! I want my million.

What is fair? Well, I’d like to make a million dollars a year making videos on social media; and I can, I just have to out-produce and out-video tens of thousands of other aspiring hopefuls; BUT THAT ISN’T FAIR! I want my million.

Here is what’s actually not fair.

The cop that was assassinated in his car while writing a crash report.

The service member that lost his legs eating dinner when an IED went off nearby.

The people at a concert that were massacred by a weak man that couldn’t handle life.

The men, women and children that were mowed down by a terrorist driving a truck down a sidewalk.

All of the people that died September 11thbecause cowards with a false cause flew planes into buildings.

These are events that have happened, and continue to happen – these are unfair. Drinking from a straw in San Francisco is now illegal – killing Kate Steinle while she was eating dinner on a San Francisco pier was deemed not illegal. So, let me be blunt – as a patriotic American who has proudly served his country…I’d be embarrassed to be a liberal.

Nobody gives a damn what you think is fair when you play both sides of hypocrisy in your favor.

And nobody in their right mind thinks anyone should make a million dollars that hasn’t earned it. You just don’t get free stuff because you think you deserve it. That is a liberal – socialist belief; and it DOES NOT WORK.

Chick-Fil-a is a conservative based company – best service anywhere. How are your other fast food experiences going? Just saying.

You want something for free? I’ll give it to ya right now – get a job and work hard. Live for your dreams and aspirations. Strive to make all the money you want through honest and dedicated demanding work; heck I will cheer ya on; but I won’t hand it to ya.

That was free advice. FOR YOU.

Do you know what that advice I just gave you cost me?

It was garnered from 50 years of life experience. Decades of ass busting work, public service, raising kids, running two businesses and 24 years of marriage. As a kid that was born into a dirt ass poor family… no white privilege was given to me. I’m just a small-town Kentucky boy that went through hard knocks and a ton of life lessons to have any successes.

Success, mind you, that I have to maintain daily just to stay above water…. life is hard. Don’t buy the lie the socialism works.

By the way – Straws are not your problem. Stupid politicians and life draining people are the issue.

I’d rather be a hardcase any day of the week – than a rock… Unless I was The Rock; but his role is taken. So, I will just be happy being me and working hard for what I have – just as he did.

Micah Richardson is a retired Peace Officer and Commander.  He’s a husband of 24 years and father of two amazing kids.  Micah is also a founding member at Operation Innocence, proud American and a Whiskey Patriot.  Micah is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Isaiah Systems Safety Consulting… not to mention a guy who prays … and hopes you will, too.