This letter is written by Micah for Jana – August 6th, 2018 on our 24th wedding anniversary.

What is a psychologist wife of a cop – Strong and courageous.
What is a cop husband of a psychologist – A life-long case study, a walking thesis.

I’ve been asked so many times, why are you two so happy all the time – how is it you never seem to
have a bad day? We do. We’ve had plenty of them.

Wait, isn’t this a letter to your bride, Micah? Why start off with what might be bad?

If I have learned one thing in life, it is to do one thing – tell the truth. Be careful how you deliver the
truth, but always tell the truth. In fact, God says to love the truth… and the truth is, we have bad days;
but they pale in comparison to the overwhelming love that gets us through life together, facing the
adversity this world can throw at you – and that is what Jana is, she is Love.

I retired from law enforcement 8 years ago – Jana still has her practice after 25 years. She has never
advertised a day in her life for her private practice; all word of mouth and continued growth since day
one. We now have a second business that we do together. Our kids are now 16 and 20 respectively; we
are almost empty nesters, yet we both feel like we are still just dating – we don’t feel a half century old.
We have always and continue to live life to the fullest. We have had good and bad in our lives. I have
made dumb decisions and stupid choices at times – and yet, she is still with me. But it is the amazing
woman that Jana is that truly is the focus of this letter. A thank you for all that she is, has done and will
always be – it’s all she knows how to do – to just be Jana.

See, this is a love letter for the world to read. One man’s love for his bride that even he cannot explain
fully. It is just something that I know is real, and despite my best efforts to screw it up, she still loves me.
So, let me tell you in part why I love her – and for anyone that has met or befriended Jana, you know
every word of what I am about to say is complete truth.

Jana is the purest soul I know or have ever known. She is not only beautiful outside;
my wife has a heart of gold inside. Jana is a gift from God. Jana brightens every room
she walks into. She knows no reason not to smile. She forgives easily. Jana is a mom of
uncompromising love. Jana is the most amazing networker I have ever seen. Jana is
selfless. She is a caregiver. She is a nurturer. Jana loves animals. Jana is fearless. She is
a friend to anyone that will allow her into their lives.

Jana puts lift kits on Jeeps. She can ride an ATV with the best of them. She has a Rubicon
that she’ll 4wheel anywhere. She loves riding Harleys. Jana can slalom ski and wake board.
Jana is fearless with picture taking. She finds beauty in everything. Jana gets dirty in the
yard planting flowers and vegetables. Jana loves cutting grass on a riding lawn mower.

Jana will hike for miles. Jana swims 3000 yards for a warm up. She loves going fast. Jana rides
the biggest coasters in the world. Jana loves the ocean. She adores her dogs.

Jana is an amazing counselor. Jana has everyone’s best interest as her best interest. Jana is
fiercely loyal. She has an impeccable reputation due to solid integrity. She spends time volunteering.
Jana loves helping people. Jana thrives on others successful growth. Jana adores children. Jana
sees only good in others despite their intentions. She has a gift to help others and loves doing it.
Jana prays. Jana believes. Jana has strong faith. Jana is a fighter.
Jana is all of those things and more…

But here is what Jana is to me over and above everything I just mentioned.
Smart – Genuine – Sexy – Adorable – Soft – Deep – Sincere – Romantic – Tested – Capable – Strong
– Giving – Patient – Mature – Forgiving – Pleasing – Balanced – Thoughtful – Healthy – Dreamer –
Unique – Creative – Energetic – Talented – Provider – Lover – Funny – Best Friend

Look, I didn’t sit down and pull up a bunch of describing words or terms to throw out to for you to think

I am sweet; my Jana is all I have stated and more. She is the rarest of gifts – for everyone. She just
keeps going, and giving, and loving. She is the epitome of the closest thing to perfect I have ever
known. She doesn’t know the meaning of slow down. Jana will fill her entire day taking care of others…
every day.

She, for whatever reason fell in love with this guy. There is simply no way to repay her for asking me
out… yes, she asked me out; but I am the one that lucked out – as in, I am the luckiest man on earth
that has ever lived.

Thank you, Jana, for 24 almost indescribable years together. For supporting all my goofiness and life
adventures. You are a gift from God that I at times had no idea just what I had – but I do now.
Here is to another 24…

Love Micah – your unworthy husband.