It’s not often that we see millennials or young Americans that believe in true patriotism these days.

Ones that see the greatness in our country, but also recognize the increasing divide of our people. With media outlets spinning false tales to earn better ratings and our politicians attempting to pull the wool over our eyes, it can be hard for even seasoned adults to see what’s real.

Enter 14 year-old Kolton Wolfgang.

Kolton was in class when a classmate presented a poem about how ‘racist’ President Trump would get the US involved in a war with North Korea. When he heard it delivered to his entire class, Kolton knew he needed to respond.

This is the poem he wrote and presented in front of the class.


Oh, how nice it must be,

To be a liberal that wants college for free

While others break their backs

To make these fat stacks

So they can pay for the poor

That you claim you fight for

Please stop thinking that you fight for more

Than the men and women who would die

For this country and would still want to give more

You like to complain about police brutality

But tell me do you really think that you have the entire story

Or the one the news gave you

Oh wait, they’re liberals

They are lying to you

But I don’t expect a weak-minded sheep

To understand the life of a true man

I could go on and on with my rut

But I would be talking for way too long

So I will end it here. I have preached the truth

On a liberal that thinks they’re the top of the world

Mind. Blown.

It just goes to show you that when kids are raised to ask questions, form their own beliefs, and work hard, they become the best part of our country. The best part about this? He earned himself a good grade. (Probably wouldn’t be the case if he went to school in California…)

Kolton has been taught about service above self throughout his entire life. His parents are none-other than Jeff and Zanna Wolfgang, the creators of Honor the Brave. Jeff was an active duty officer, but after being injured in the line of duty, he decided to serve in a different way, by supporting veterans and emergency responders by developing the non-profit.

In case you haven’t heard of Honor the Brave, their mission is to help active and retired military and emergency responders when buying and selling their homes. They kick back 10% of their own commission to thank them for their service, as well as donate an additional percentage to charity. Their goal is to become the exclusive avenue for civil servants when it comes to real estate. You can learn more about Honor the Brave and their mission right here.

Written by The Whiskey Patriots Staff